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Editing Services

Writing Service - Step 1

Send us a copy of your ERAS application, Curriculum Vitae or Personal Statement our editors will review it to let you know if it qualifies for editing or writing services before you proceed with the payment. 


Once your documents is set for editing, complete your payment to access our questionnaire and help us know you better!

Express yourself freely with audio recordings in your native language Arabic, English, French ... and book a meeting with your editor!

Editing Service 1
Writing Service - Step 2
Multiple Drafts

Explain what you would like to achieve to help our editors improve your draft correcting spelling and grammar errors; alongside sentence and paragraph organisation.

Receive a first draft of your edited document to ensure the progress of your ERAS application, curriculum vitae or personal statement!

Once you give the green light, they proceed with further drafts* taking into account your feedback. 

Editing Service 2
Writing Service - Step 3
Final Draft - Full File

Receive your 2nd draft, review it and let our editors know your finale feedback. 

Our editors will review and make the necessary changes accordingly before sending you a finalised 3rd draft in your chosen format(s).

*3 drafts is the maximum provided, for all additional drafts an extra charge is required. 

Editing Service 3
Editing Service Form
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