Writing Service - Step 1

Editing Services

Send us a copy of your statement or resume , record an audio in your native language or book a meeting with your editor (Arabic, English, French ...) to explain what you would like to achieve to help our editors improve your draft accordingly; correcting grammar, structure and fluency errors.

Book your meeting with your editor or writer simply!
Editing Service - Step 2

Receive a first draft of your edited statement or resume for your review. Send your editor any feedback needed or further comments. Our editor will proceed to polishing the work in a second draft.

Editing Service - Step 3

Review your second draft with your editor before receiving your final draft in your chosen format(s). You'll also receive a full file with the original copy and drafts of the work with comments and feedback included for every editing stage.


500 words

Estimate 1 page 

Curriculum Vitae

1000 words

Estimate 2 pages

Curriculum Vitae or Personal Statement

1500 words

3 pages

Curriculum Vitae or Personal Statement

2000+ words

4 to 6 pages (package)

Curriculum Vitae& Personal Statement

Editing - Audio Recording

Audio Recording 

Structural Edit

Fact Checking

Language Fluency



$ 30





$ 56

$ 84

$ 127

500 EGP




900 EGP

1350 EGP

2025 EGP

Grammar & Spell Check

Expedited Service Only - New Prices On Payment Page = Delivery Before Deadline Guaranteed