Writing Service - Step 1

Writing Services

Fill up a questionnaire to help us know you better, express yourself freely with an audio recording in your native language or book a meeting with your writer (Arabic, English, French ...) to tell us who you are, what are your professional experiences and goals give our writers as much material to use.

Book your meeting with your editor or writer simply!
Writing Service - Step 2

Receive feedback from your writer on how they plan to use the material: the layout, structure & content. Our writer will then start the writing process reviewing with you along the way to ensure your statement or resume reflects your distinctive qualities through multiple drafts

Writing Service - Step 3

Receive your statement or resume, review it and let our writer know if you want to revise it, add, remove or edit further content. Our writer will review and edit accordingly before sending you a finalised draft in your chosen format(s).


500 words

Estimate 1 page 

Curriculum Vitae

1000 words

Estimate 2 pages

Curriculum Vitae or Personal Statement

1500 words

3 pages

Curriculum Vitae or Personal Statement

2000+ words

4 to 6 pages (package)

Curriculum Vitae& Personal Statement

Writing - Audio Recording

Audio Recording 

Content Writing

Structural Edit

Fact Checking

Language Fluency



$ 70





$ 125

$ 185

$ 280

1100 EGP




1980 EGP

2970 EGP

4455 EGP

Expedited Service Only - New Prices On Payment Page = Delivery Before Deadline Guaranteed